I’m Alexandru Sinov

UX Designer based in Brussels, formerly a Senior UX Designer at the European Commission and UX Expert at ING Belgium

T-shaped designer with 17+ years of experience in UI and UX Design, specialised in building products and managing teams that solve problems with meaningful experiences. Through research, workshops, designing, prototyping, stakeholder management, takes products from idea to launch for companies in industries ranging from e-commerce, software development, cyber security, governmental administration, banking and insurance.

My work was featured in

Ing Bank Belgium

Project Atomium

Removing frictions between external users and ING

In Q2 2022, ING launched a new high-priority initiative called “Project Atomium” with the goal of making its services more accessible and user-friendly. This project introduced a new “Lego-style” flow for agnostic user onboarding, which aimed to remove frictions between external users and ING.

Image of Brussel's Atomium
Ing Bank Belgium / NN Group

Car insurance user flow

Redesigning and modernising the top flow of ING Insurance

While ING/NN had already developed a user flow in the past, it had become outdated over the years and did not meet their desired performance standards. My role involved reimagining and redesigning the user flow to ensure it aligned with modern user expectations and delivered a seamless and intuitive experience.

Ing Bank Belgium / AXA Insurance

Travel insurance user flow

Redesigning and optimising a forgotten user flow

In collaboration with AXA Insurance, ING offers a Travel Insurance. However, the flow was old, not operating properly and with a very small conversion rate. We set out to improve it and offer a much better user experience.

Avira antivirus screen mockup on laptop

Avira Antivirus for Windows

Jumpstarting a radical redesign in record time

A Top 5 player in Europe, Avira Antivirus is a complex security and protection suite for Windows, with 50+ millions of users across the world and with a revenue of up to €11 million per quarter. While providing great protection, the product had major issues with user churn rates, user acquisition or maintaining the quarterly revenue, due to extremely dated UX.

European Commission

ECL – Europa Component Library

Building and maintaining a design system for the whole EU

The challenge of  building the Europa Component Library (ECL) is providing a comprehensive design system containing the design elements and visual standards that make up all Europa websites and applications, while maintaining the strongest focus on WCAG 2.1 AA standard compliance, WAI-ARIA compatibility and maximum usability.