About me

My name is Alexandru Sinov and I am a senior Product Designer, currently living in Brussels. Some 20 years ago I stumbled upon a cracked copy of Adobe Photoshop and instantly got hooked on the whole creating/editing stuff.
Born in Romania, I had the chance to enter the design field when the industry was starting to emerge and I developed alongside with it. I started with designing business cards and continued with flyers and brochures.

Pretty soon I was designing websites – or let’s be real, trying to :) – but I got better and better so after some time I got involved in the e-commerce design field. This is about the time the term UX started to be on everyone’s lips. Activated in the industry for quite some time until I migrated towards Product Design.
Currently I am working on a design system for the European Commission and the European Union.

On a more personal level, I believe that my mission as a designer is to make the world a better place. I really get a kick out of identifying problems around me and then trying to find a solution for them. For example, I’m now wracking my brain on how the Brussels garbage collecting could be improved.

Also, that’s how I got some pretty nice ideas for some projects!

Outside of design I’m really into coffee – so much so that I named my dog Coffee – photography and music. So if we’re to ever meet, I will most probably suggest we grab a cup of good, propper coffee. :)

alexandru sinov and coffee the dog