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and a bit of context

For many years, Avira’s main product was left in an “as it is” state, with only security and bug fixing acting as updates. This led to a performant but dated application.

Users were generally content with the product, but the lack of a modern UI and user-centric approach was making itself more and more present.

There has been an attempt at renewing the app, but after a year the company deemed it a failure, due to technical reasons.

Upon joining the Product Design team, I took over the bringing of the new UI and UX to life.

This meant the reworking of all the User flows, redesigning the User Interface and overall simplify the application as much as possible.


and my role in it

When I took over the product, the product was so decrepit from a UI/UX standpoint that urgent action was needed. We already had a pretty rich set of User needs and pain points, gathered from various sources, so we just started working.

Given the pressure, the urgency of the project and the background of the members of the team, I chose to quickly draw out some very rough wireframes and verify them with whoever I could. Basically i chose to skip the wireframing phase and proceeded directly to the hi-fidelity mockups. People needed something as close to reality as possible.

With the help of the UX Research department, we found out the company wide Personas that were already defined proved to be still valid, greatly easing the whole redesign process

So I drew some personal sketches in order to have a base for discussions with the PM and PO.

Overall, the project had to be approached from several different angles

Overall, the project had to be approached from several different angles.

The project started in July 2016 and is still continuing. The first UI and interaction layer was implemented in 2018.
While I was working on it as a Product Designer I was in constant contact with multiple teams, each one taking care of one or more tasks.

  • Three development and QA teams

  • The Localization team

  • The Usability team

  • The Legal department

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